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Sack Bob Lambert! – Police spy, agent provocateur, exploiter of women.

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Police spy, agent provocateur, exploiter of women. 

Picket London Metropolitan University

This Friday 28th November

12.00 – 2.00pm

Outside London Metropolitan University Tower, 166-220 Holloway Road, 
London N7 8DB

Islington Against Police Spies demands that London Metropolitan University sack lecturer Bob Lambert – Police spy, agent provocateur, exploiter of women.

These days Robert Lambert works part-time lecturing on Criminology and Policing at London Metropolitan University. But this expert on Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism has a dark past. He spent the 1980s and 1990s in Special Branch’s now discredited Special Demonstrations Squad, spying on community and activist groups campaigning against violence and oppression inflicted by governments and corporations around the world. While pretending to be an activist involved in peace and animal rights campaigns, he acted as an agent provocateur, encouraging people to carry out illegal actions which would lead to their arrest. He has been named in Parliament as having planted an incendiary device in a Debenhams store in 1987, one of three simultaneous arson attacks for which two animal rights activists went to prison for four years.

He also had sexual relationships with several women campaigners, lying to them about his identity and then disappearing from their lives – in the most abusive breach of trust imaginable. This abuse has had a severe and lasting emotional impact on those affected; one woman had a child fathered by Lambert. Only decades later did any of them discover he was a police spy.

After acting as an infiltrator himself, Lambert went on to run the Special Demonstrations Squad, supervising spies in many other political campaigns. Following his own example, almost all of the thirteen other undercover police so far unmasked have also used their position to sexually exploit women who were unaware of their real role. His protégés include police who spied on numerous families and campaigns opposing police racism and/or violence and murders, as well as London Greenpeace, Reclaim the Streets, anti fascist groups and campaigners against genetically modified crops. He is directly implicated in police attempts to spy on, smear and discredit Stephen Lawrence’s family campaign against the police failures to investigate Stephen’s racist murder in 1993, and also in the ‘mysterious’ passing on of Special branch files to a private company paid by large construction companies to compile a blacklist of trade unionists active in the building trade, many of whom were fired and victimised.

Top cops now claim that officers were told not to form sexual relationships while undercover; in reality Special Branch turned a blind eye to what one of Lambert’s victims herself said felt ‘like being raped by the state’. Eight women used in this way by police spies are currently suing the Metropolitan Police as the institution ultimately responsible.

These undercover police were not involved in ‘anti terrorist’ operations, they were spying to disrupt and weaken the growing opposition to the domination of our society by the interests of multinational corporations, and attacking community campaigns dealing with police corruption, racism and state violence. Several official inquiries and investigations have been launched into undercover policing because of the huge public outcry the exposures have created. However the establishment and the police won’t make significant changes unless we force them to by taking action.

Some Islington residents think London Metropolitan University should sack Bob Lambert. He is a known liar, spy and exploiter of women  – not in any way a fit person to be trusted teaching students at this University.

We aim to keep up pressure on London Met until they fire him. Join us in our picket of the University building where he works this Friday between 12-2pm as we hand out leaflets and raise awareness.

By Islington Against Police Spies 


Islington Against Police Spies, email: islingtonagainstpolicespies@gmail.com

For more information on Bob Lambert and other undercover police activities, contact:

campaignopposingpolicesurveillance.com | @copscampaign

I add that our union branch (at the time, part of the  T & G) voted money to the campaign to defend London Greenpeace.

We have actually met the beloved Helen.

7 Responses

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  1. We learn that comrade Helen is still very active in the union movement.

    “She recently went to Turkey as part of a delegation in support of the Kurds.”

    All of progressive humanity will be in support of this picket.

    Andrew Coates

    November 25, 2014 at 4:18 pm

  2. […] Source: Sack Bob Lambert! – Police spy, agent provocateur, exploiter of women. […]

  3. Best Wishes on your picket, it may eventually contribute to taking charge of our ‘democracy’, and take back control from GCHQ & the unelected state.


    November 25, 2014 at 8:30 pm

  4. Douglas Murrat is a right-winger, but his short item on Lambert, in the present issue of ‘Standpoint’ magazine, is worth reading:


    Jim Denham

    November 27, 2014 at 9:44 am

  5. This flyer quoted is mostly on the mark, but it is regrettable that it perpetuates the common left wing error of taking Lambert as an “expert on Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism” at face value.

    Lambert’s idea of tackling violent Islamic extremism was to forge allegiances with ‘non-violent’ extremists – you know the kind, the ‘moderate’ extremists who are of course merely and merely advocate murdering gay people, beating and raping women, killing Jews etcetera. It was effectively throwing certain minorities under the bus in order to supposedly protect ‘the public’. It is highly questionable whether it even actually worked.

    The reason I think that part of Lambert’s CV got a free pass is that kow-towing to homophobic, antisemitic and misogynistic Islamists has been standard practice on the left for a couple of decades. Livingstone was happy to be pals with the ‘moderate’ “Kill gays and Jews and beat women” Qaradawi, while Unite Against Fascism counts Azad Ali as a vice chair and UAF actually protested AGAINST the banning of a conference of hate preachers at the Troxy in Tower Hamlets, on the grounds that it would empower the EDL – (meaning no solidarity whatseover to the women, Jews and homosexuals dehumanised and incited against by the Islamists in question). Such people are still dishonestly excused today by the likes of ‘educationalist’ Sir Tim Brighouse and the Guardian’s Seumas Milne and Anne Perkins as being merely ‘religiously conservative’, and still allied with by parts of the far and mainstream left.

    This is a bad habit on the left which has got to stop. And before we get the familiar excuse that the left opposes homophobia – yes, it ‘opposes’ UKIP homophobes who say gay people should not be married – but it routinely make excuses for and even alliances with Islamist homophobes who say we should be killed. And it rightly condemns Lambert for deceiving women into relationships… but allies with people who advocate beating and raping women for religious reasons (making it okay), and which ‘opposes’ the rise of holocaust-denying anti-semites in Eastern Europe, but can’t get enough of the Middle Eastern variety.

    Lambert has not been alone in pandering to and allying with traditionally right wing reactionary tendencies. He may be viewed as an enemy of today’s left, but he’s also in part a reflection of it.


    November 28, 2014 at 12:33 pm

    • I could not agree more.

      Ex-coppers and ex-Military experts’ are generally held in reverence by certain parts of the university system because they give credibility to their courses.

      More widely this Blog was one of the first denounced by Lambert’s mate Bob Pitt (Islamophoibia Watch) – a few years ago – for unrelenting and uncompromising secularism.

      Andrew Coates

      November 28, 2014 at 1:58 pm

  6. Andrew,

    I did try to leave a post, which seems to have got lost, so I’ll say it again: this blog has been exemplary in opposing the phenomenon referred to above. Plus it’s very readable on a lot of other subjects, especially the Kurdish struggle. No criticism at all of you intended.

    “Ex-coppers and ex-Military experts’ are generally held in reverence by certain parts of the university system because they give credibility to their courses.”

    I didn’t know that. I had noticed that an ‘academic’ called Tim Parsons, formerly of City of London Police, has been part of this pro-Islamist trend – he once had an outburst in a New Statesman comment on an article by Bob Lambert himself that showed pretty clearly he’s off in UKIP land when it comes to ‘traditional’ reactionary values, so maybe that’s part of the attraction:

    ““There is a simple and straight forward conflict here between the atheistic secular liberals who dominate our governing elite and major news organisations, and the religious majority who are appalled at the decadence and decline in Western society.”

    Believe it or not that’s the former “Head of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights” at CLP, posting as Senior Lecturer in Policing and Criminology (John Grieve Centre) at London Metropolitan University.

    NB the comments are now all gone, which is a great shame, but it was noted at the time byb myself and here: http://hurryupharry.org/2011/10/06/on-the-wrath-of-plod/


    November 28, 2014 at 9:22 pm

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