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Iraqi Communists Call on World’s Proletariat to unite against Islamists.

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Glory to the Iraqi Communists!

As news came in from Iraq on Thursday that the troubled nation’s low-key communist party had scored a rare military victory over Islamic extremists of the ISIS near Baghdad, their Indian counterparts were passively watching the spectre of large-scale desertion from their ranks to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) with its quasi fascist Hindu revivalist agenda.

The Iraqi Communist Party spokesman announced that the party in control of the Red Army fought a ground battle with armed Islamic State (ISIS) in the vicinity of the Northwest of Baghdad.

The Red Army killed 38 armed rebels and captured 107 people. They achieved “tactical victory in the full sense”.

They stated that at first many people began to join the Islamic fundamentalists after the collapse of the existing government forces but are now joining the Communist Party.

According to media reports from Qatar, a spokesman for the Iraqi Communist Party Mikhail Grew spoke publicly to the world. He called on the world proletariat to unite in support of their Iraqi Red Army against the Islamic extremists and fight against religious extremism who endanger people’s lives and safety.

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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Iraqi CP – In solidarity with our Yazidi people


Statement of the Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party

In solidarity with our Yazidi people

Concerted national efforts are needed to recapture the areas seized by criminal Isis gangs

We have been following with great anger and condemnation the brutal practices and horrific crimes committed by the criminal gangs of “Isis” against our Yazidi people that aim at eliminating this indigenous cultural and religious component of Iraq. These terroist and rogue gangs have killed the children of Yazidi people, captured and enslaved their women, destroyed their temples and desecrated their religious symbols. These heinous crimes are classified under international law as crimes against humanity.

These crimes represent another episode of the series of barbaric attacks waged by the terrorist gangs of “Isis” against the Iraqi homeland and people. It is part of the suspicious scheme that has extended over the whole of Iraqi territory, affecting all citizens, including Arabs, Kurds, Turcomans and Shabak; Muslims, Christians and Yazidis; Sunnis and Shiites.

While reaffirming the Iraqi Communist Party’s full solidarity with our Yazidi people in their cruel plight and sharing their pain as a result of this ordeal, we express our readiness to provide all possible help and contribute to the joint efforts to alleviate their suffering. We call on the Iraqi state and all its institutions to speed up the delivery of relief aid to the hundreds of thousands of displaced people who sought refuge in the mountains and caves under deteriorating conditions, and to provide the human, material and technical resources needed to accomplish these urgent tasks. In this regard, we call upon international organizations and the international community to deal with what is happening in Iraq as crimes against humanity.

In the difficult circumstances caused by this ordeal, our party calls upon all the political and social forces, parties, blocs and organizations, and in particular the forces that are in power at the level of the federal government, the Kurdistan Regional Government and the local authorities in the provinces, to unify their stance and efforts in the face of terrorism and the gangs of “Isis” and their barbaric acts.

The recapturing of the areas seized by “Isis” and eliminating it are urgent and immediate objectives that require mobilizing all national efforts. This necessitates accelerating the efforts to overcome the existing differences between the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, and to achieve the broadest possible cooperation and coordination at both the political and military levels to ward off the dangers threatening Iraq. This also requires resolving speedily the naming of the Prime Minister nominee and embarking on forming an all-encompassing national unity government that is able to address the daunting tasks facing our country at this historic juncture.

BAGHDAD – 6 August 2014


Written by Andrew Coates

August 12, 2014 at 12:44 pm

8 Responses

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  1. http://stopwar.org.uk/news/what-we-re-not-being-told-about-isis-and-the-turmoil-in-iraq#.U-oRh-NdWSp Are we edging to critical support to a mad, fundamentalist, sectarian nutcases as an alternative to Imperialism. This is a carnival of reaction not an alternative. Déclaration : Pour un Irak démocratique, laïc, révolutionnaire, souverain et indépendant
    Socialistes révolutionnaires , Union des Communistes en Irak, Al Mounadil-a, Gauche révolutionnaire (Syrie), Forum socialiste
    Many fascist and reactionary movements get their support from alienated elements. In many countries it is a competition between progressve and reactionary movements to win these people. Eg if an unemployed youth filled with resentment joins say the BNP or some Irish fascist group becuase he has been led to believe that say immigrants are responsible for his woes, it is a loss and terrible. But it does not make any part of it progressive. Fascists breed on social discontent.

    Jim Monaghan

    August 12, 2014 at 2:15 pm

  2. Apparently the Stop the War Coalition thinks otherwise, “in fact ISIS is part of a wider popular resistance against the US backed Iraqi government.” Every wondered why I hate the StWC from the bottom of my heart.

    Andrew Coates

    August 12, 2014 at 3:55 pm

  3. […] See the original post here: Iraqi Communists Call on World's Proletariat to unite against Islamists. […]

  4. Do you see any reasons for giving any credence to the first report of an “Iraqi Red Army”? It looks highly improbable, to put it mildly.


    August 12, 2014 at 11:22 pm

  5. […] Source: Iraqi Communists Call on World’s Proletariat to unite against Islamists. […]

  6. Andrew: I drew attention to the Stop The War Coalition article you’ve (rightly) denounced, and a comrade replied thus:


    This article – and NYT article it links to as evidence that the people of Mosul simply love ISIS but are scared of being bombed by the government – is from June 12. Quite a lot has happened since then! A more recent article on the StW website by Sami Ramadani calls ISIS ‘barbarians’:

    “We need to face the fact that popular activity in west and north west Iraq, just like in Syria, has been effectively highjacked by sectarian and racist forces. I cannot possibly remain silent about movements, no matter how popular, that are led by racist, sectarian and nihilist forces. In Mosul, Tikrit and Fallujah, they have capitalised on popular demands and are now dominant:”

    ” Keeping quiet about ISIS throat-cutters and their assorted allies, just because we oppose the Maliki regime’s policies, is a recipe for disaster.”

    I quote these not to say that StW is all right, really, but to show that on their own bloody website they’ve had to print something which basically argues against the earlier article. (It’s also not to more generally endorse Ramadani who I think is basically an idiot).

    It is of course very revealing of the basic mindset of StW that they could publish the gibberish they published on June 14 in the first place.

    Jim Denham

    August 13, 2014 at 1:47 pm

  7. Sami Ramadan had a letter in the Evening Standard on Monday 11th August arguing that the Americans are just using the delivery of humanitarian aid as a subterfuge to further their agenda of dividing Iraq in three. He argues that the UN should be in charge of delivering emergency aid. Think is, I haven’t heard much about the UN doing anything; there was a nice woman from the UN on the lunchtime news, but she admitted they didn’t have many resources. Anyway, surely the point is to evacuate the people, not just supply water and provisions. Why aren’t the other Islamic countries in the area doing anything? By the way, did Obama tell Maliki to be obstreperous and divisive? Ramidan also accuses the US (and by association us the UK) of building up the Peshmerga and a ‘Sunni’ army to overthrow Maliki. You couldn’t make it up, but they do.

    Sue R

    August 13, 2014 at 3:23 pm

  8. […] Shi’ite militias are also on the battlefield against ISIS, in many cases under Iranian command. The Sunnis are also organizing militias. Even the Iraqi Communist Party now has a militia. […]

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