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Vote for a New Prince Charles!

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Royal Expert on the Ukrainian crisis.

One election not taking place today is that of heir to the throne.

Yet his political views have grabbed the headlines.

Prince Charles has reportedly compared Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler over his actions in Ukraine.

In a flash of royal diplomacy worthy of his father’s famous gaffes, Charles had blundered far beyond his usual “meddling” interventions in architecture, the environment and medicine into a simmering international conflict.

The Russian embassy in London has demanded talks with the Foreign Office over Prince Charles‘s comparison of Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler. (Guardian.)

Most people realise that Charles is an opinionated loud-mouth whose views are a mixture of  Gaia  spirituality, support for homoeopathy and as many other crank ideas as you could stuff in a tin of  Duchy of Cornwell biscuits. (1)

Now he has been caught out indulging in one of the oldest British political games: comparing somebody whose politics you don’t like to that them there ‘itler.

We suggest we have a vote on our next head of state.

In the meantime Vote for a New Prince Charles.

(1) In case non UK readers do not believe me See:  A speech by HRH The Prince of Wales titled Islam and the Environment, Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford. 2010.

all sense of reverence for the Earth which is an inseparable element in an integrated and spiritually grounded tradition like Islam – just as it was once firmly embedded in the philosophical heritage of Western thought. The Stoics of Ancient Greece, for instance, held that “right knowledge,” as they called it, is gained by living in agreement with Nature, where there is a correspondence or a sympathy between the truth of things, thought and action. They saw it as our duty to achieve an attunement between human nature and the greater scheme of the Cosmos.

This incidentally is also the teaching of Judaism. The Book of Genesis says that God placed Mankind in the garden “to tend it and take care of it,” to serve and conserve it for the sake of future generations. “Adamah” in Hebrew means “the one hewn from the Earth,” so Adam is a child of the Earth. In my own tradition of Christianity, the immanence of God is made explicit by the incarnation of Christ. But let us also not forget that throughout the Christian New Testament, Christ often refers to Himself as “the Son of Man” which, in Hebrew, is “Ben Adam.” He, too, is a “son of the Earth,” surely making the same explicit connection between human nature and the whole of Nature.

Even the apocryphal Gnostic texts are imbued with the same principle. The fragments of one of the oldest, ascribed to Mary Magdalene, instructs us that “Attachment to matter gives rise to passion against Nature. Thus, trouble arises in the whole body; this is why I tell you; be in harmony.” In all cases the message is clear. Our specific purpose is to “earth” Heaven. So, to separate ourselves within an inner darkness, leads to what the Irish poet, WB Yeats, warned of at the start of the Twentieth Century. “The falcon cannot hear the falconer,” he wrote, “things fall apart and the centre cannot hold.”

The traditional way of life within Islam is very clear about the “centre” that holds the relationship together. From what I know of its core teachings and commentaries, the important principle we must keep in mind is that there are limits to the abundance of Nature. These are not arbitrary limits, they are the limits imposed by God and, as such, if my understanding of the Qu’ran is correct, Muslims are commanded not to transgress them.


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