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German Die Grünen revert to type and attack Russia over Ukraine.

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Takes Sides Against Putin and ‘Fascist’ allies.

After a certain prevarication the German Greens, (die Grünen), have now reverted to type  as one of Europe’s fiercest supporters of NATO and intervention in support of the ‘West’.

This follows many debates which have pitted the Greens against the German left over the Ukraine.

The former announced back in February that they could not remain neutral on the conflict that began in the Maidan (“deutschland kann in diesem Konflikt keine neutrale Position einnehmen.) The latter, from the left bloc, Die Linke, pointed to far-right involvement in the Ukrainian protests.

Now the Greens claim that there is only  one major  right menace, from Russia and its backers.

Werner Schulz (who comes from a DDR opposition background) and is a Green European Parliament member,   has just announced (Deutschlandfunk)  that, for him, Putin is himself the main cause of the growing conflict ( der Verursacher der Eskalation).

There was clear evidence that paramilitary units intervened in eastern Ukraine and wanted to destabilise the situation said Schulz on German radio (.The units would wear the same uniforms as the Crimea and were armed with Kalashnikov rifles, which used only Russian Special Forces. In Ukraine, one can not readily buy these.

Schulz described Russian “aggressive nationalism” and claimed that the “entire vocabulary” of ” Stalinisism” had returned.

 Putin intends not only to create a Eurasian Union, for which he needs the Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, but he also wishes to weaken the West, the EU. When we look at this we can see  the right-wing, populist right-wing forces in Europe, for example, with which the Kremlin has entered into an alliance.

He ‘asks’ and gives for proof of this alliance the following,

Who were the election observers of this alleged referendum in the Crimea? A ragbag group of right-wing populists, neo-Nazis and representatives from the Left Party in Germany.

So the German Die Like is an ‘objective’, or insinuated,  ally of neo-Nazis.

Very moderate talk….


5 Responses

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  1. Where did you get that logo? The “Bündnis 90” bit has vanished.

    Anyway, this posturing is nothing special in the German media. This line re. Russia is what you hear on the television and radio day in and day out, while opinion polls show (and are validated, in a way, by listening to people talking about it on public transport, for example) the vast majority of the German population indeed support – broadly speaking – Putin, and certainly support Crimea leaving Ukraine and joining Russia, or at least its right to do so. But this is a view which is almost never broadcast or given column inches. There was an interesting article on this in the weekly “Die Zeit” – by someone who is also very anti-Putin.

    If the Greens were to have an even vaguely nuanced different opinion to that stated above, they wouldn’t get any time on Deutschlandfunk to propagate it.


    April 16, 2014 at 2:15 pm

  2. It was also very stupid of two unknown regional parlementarians (both from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, I think) from Die Linke to go and “observe” the referendum. No idea why they did it, or why they thought joining the likes of VB, the FN and the FPÖ would be a good idea either.


    April 16, 2014 at 2:18 pm

  3. I selected the Logo because practically nobody in the UK knows, or cares, who Bündnis 90 is.

    Anyway the BBC and mainstream media is pretty bad here, and in France.

    Not that I care too much if they criticise Putin – but the indignation is so transparently motivated, even infantile, the way it’s all popped up in the last couple of months.

    Andrew Coates

    April 16, 2014 at 4:21 pm

  4. Nobody knows or cares who Bündnis 90 is in Germany either, but there was an internal uproar when the logo once appeared somewhere without the suffix and then they put it back in sharpish. So strange that it is on the net somewhere.

    What I found strange here is that the indignation in Germany about Putin’s “Clause 28” (but worse) was probably very genuine, but was also very clearly based around a very basic and obvious anti-Russian stance, not being quite so much about the issue itself. There was more than a smack of desire for a new cold (or hot) war with Russia about this here; while similar attempts in Lithuania were ignored. And there was no historical context (homosexuality in (West) Germany being basically only equally legal due to reunification).

    Yet the general tone over Crimea is “let them have self-determination; why shouldn’t they. It’s what we wanted for Croatia and Slovenia (etc.), and Kuwait…”. That the referendum was a sham doesn’t play a role as that would make it too complicated. But particuarly troubling is that the media is entirely anti-Russia, so much so, that it is largely impossible to take seriously. Any (fake) notion of “balance” has vanished (not that it is the same as in the UK or on the BBC; journalists are allowed to have an opinion, as long as it is described as being a ‘commentary’. But here, they can only seemingly have one.).



    April 16, 2014 at 8:38 pm

  5. Interesting article.

    There are simpler explanations.

    I suspect that ‘ordinary people’ are simply sick and tired of being called to this or that heroic Western intervention in favour of democracy, or whatever.

    The call to fight Assad in particular has left governments in a quandary.

    It’s all going badly for this kind of stuff.

    Still some particularly stupid British jihadists and their supporters seem to think that because of the ‘West’s’ position the people should admire them for going to slaughter other Muslims – Shiites, Alawites, as well as Christians, secularists, Kurds, in a Holy War.

    Andrew Coates

    April 17, 2014 at 5:08 pm

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