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SWP Stall “turned over” by Autonomist Police.

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Autonomist Police Scatters SWP.


The SWP found out today that their rape-apologist bullshit has got no place in Liverpool. Their stall outside the NUS conference in Liverpool (it was outside because they’d already been refused entry to the conference) was turned over and their literature scattered to the wind. Let this be a lesson to them – we won’t accept their rape apologism here.

They spouted the usual crap: “sectarian”, “political nobodies”. So fucking what? More tellingly though, they made accusations of “sending men to intimidate women”. 50% of the people involved in tossing their shit papers on the floor and ripping down their shit posters were women.

This histrionic post ends with this gibberish,

The SWP covered up rape, threw survivors under the bus and intimidate anyone who tries to confront them about it (anyone remember the Glasgow anti-bedroom tax rally?). UAF grasses militant antifascists to the police. We won’t tolerate an organization that is so misogynistic in nature and so repugnant in its political opportunism anymore. We’re drawing a line now. Try not to cross it.

From Liverpool Class Action an “Autonomous anarchist group currently active in Merseyside.”

This follows the censorship of the SWP Marxism Festival by ULU.

Despite affiliated universities (notably the School of Oriental and African Studies;) letting rooms to real reactionaries, Islamists, who openly preach misogyny advocate female circumcision and hatred of gays – against which ULU has done precisely nothing, student union officers issued a statement that ended with this,

To the SWP, we say that you are beyond help and progressive debate. You are disgrace to the left and we have no wish to help support any growth in your oppressive organisation. The bottom line is that you do not have any right to use this space, you are not welcome here or anywhere near our union and we will not be harassed by your organisation. As students and activists, we stand united against sexism.

A little further back there was this, (December 2013),

Sussex: Autonomists in ‘feelgood’ attack on SWP

Tom Munday on the turning over of an SWP stall and the burning of their papers at Sussex university.

The actions of these groups, and those on the ‘left’ who sympathise with them, are straight-forward authoritarian policing. They suppress political debate. They revile and scream rather than talk. They are the self-appointed political police of the left.

They are also hypocrites: no autonomist or ‘anti-sexist’ group  dares carry out of the same actions against the Islamists, guilty of not just of a bureaucratic and incompetent sexism, but open misogyny.

We do not advocate censoring their views either: debate, and free speech are a condition of secularism.

The Sussex self-appointed police  of the ASN (Autonomous Students Network) continue their actions,

Despite being repeatedly told by survivors that their presence on campus is triggering, the SWP loyalists continue to cover campus in their propaganda, hold meetings and are even running a candidate for the student union elections. As long as they act like that, we will continue to act like this.

Solidarity as ever with all survivors, we will not back down.

Burn the SWP.

‘Tom Munday’ in the Weekly Worker was right in analysing this as follows,

The reaction of the ASN represents only the most recent incarnation of a morality culture fostered by groups like the SWP. What we effectively see here is the most facile aspects of Blairism regurgitated as ‘socialist’ doctrine. The very notion that all the injustice and violence of the world can be willed away with good intentions and a true heart is fanciful to say the least, but lapses into outright narcissism when it expects the terrible realities that infest society at large to not find themselves duplicated within the left itself. Add into this mix an SWP-esque brand of directionless actionism and you end up with Frankenstein politics: at best leading us towards disingenuous ‘safe spaces’ policies.



Written by Andrew Coates

April 10, 2014 at 12:06 pm

7 Responses

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  1. Anarchist police? Good God, whatever next a British Trot party that doesn’t collapse in a sex scandal around its leader?

    Pete Shield

    April 10, 2014 at 5:41 pm

  2. I also completely condemn the action of these ‘autonomists’. Whilst signing up to the ‘no violence in the worker movement’ line, I must admit that I think my first reaction to such actions would be to punch the anarchist (and I generally like anarchists and dislike the SWP).

    This is appalling, repressive behaviour and those lowlifes stating things like ‘Burn the SWP’ are a complete waste of space. (If you are very bored, you can see my tweet exchanges with an anarcho type a few days ago asking how he can justify such – simple-minded abuse was all he could muster in his defence.)

    However, how did we get here? We have the bad practice (at least) of the SWP in how it handled W’s allegations (although that does not include their correct decision not to invite the cops to look into a revolutionary organisation – you are simply a reformist if you think otherwise.)

    But we also have the histrionics of no-end of ‘Lefts’ and also a few savvy rightwards moving types, who love these occasions to smear their harsh critics from the SWP about their careerism (like Newman) and who are happy to use any abuse, however ill founded (the cynical monstering of the first-class anti-racists of the SP by the Unison leadership bureaucracy comes to mind as a prime example of foul, bad-faith opportunism by such types.)

    Some sprinkle round the term ‘rape apologist’ like rainwater. I have not yet seen anyone stand that up about the SWP and to use such without being able to justify it makes you simply a fool.

    Solidarity with the SWP against these attacks!

  3. It’s “radical identity work at play” as Phil, a Very Public Sociologist, says.


    But in effect they are acting as if they were the police.

    Andrew Coates

    April 11, 2014 at 10:20 am

  4. Personally, I think Phil is being too kind to the people who did this. As far as I am concerned this is Nazi behaviour. So, what exactly SHOULD the SWP done, when a woman complained she had been taken advantage of? Urged her to report it to the Police? Expelled Cde Delta? Issued guidance on the ‘correctmode of behaviour between members? The complainant has had her ‘revenge’, I believe Cde Delta is not even a member of the SWP any more and has all but disappeared. The young lady in question has received sympathy on a large scale from strangers. Marxism 2014 has had its bookings at ULU refused. What more can anyone do? When it happens next time, how should it be dealt with?

    Sue R

    April 11, 2014 at 6:03 pm

  5. Not sure on the careerism critics of the SWP as I went to Uni with Newman and personally I think the careerism actually came from the SWP. Even in those days active SWP membership was a death knell to any other potential career so a swp member ending up as a career activist/politician/trade unionist comes as no surprise.

    Also a bit hypocritical calling autonomists “police” when basically that was what the SWP became. I can understand that being a so called “revolutionary organisation” the SWP didn’t want to bring in the police but even outside the organisation no one expected them to become an epitome of what they oppose. A bit like animal farm when the animals can’t tell the pigs and the humans apart.

    The SWP when I was at Uni use to appeal to middle/upper class kids whom frankly there was no circus they could run off and join, so the SWP was the next best thing. Frankly most of them aren’t technical working class and the only revolutions they seem to be involved in is when autonomists/students/trade unions rise up and basically tell them where to go.

    Chris W

    April 11, 2014 at 9:01 pm

  6. I just wonder what those people decrying the SWP think of Julian Assange and the allegations against him?

    Sue R

    April 12, 2014 at 7:38 pm

  7. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    “The actions of these groups, and those on the ‘left’ who sympathise with them, are straight-forward authoritarian policing. They suppress political debate. They revile and scream rather than talk. They are the self-appointed political police of the left.

    They are also hypocrites: no autonomist or ‘anti-sexist’ group dares carry out of the same actions against the Islamists, guilty of not just of a bureaucratic and incompetent sexism, but open misogyny.”


    Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal, Hell is eternal!!!


    April 30, 2015 at 9:11 pm

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