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France’s Front National on Way to “Political Mainstream”.

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Sondage sur le Front National en France

Front National Enters Political Mainstream.

Adapted from Le Monde.

Today, 34%  of French voters in the Le Monde survey (published in print yesterday) “back the ideas of the National Front “ . This an increase of two percentage points compared to 2013.  59% of respondents disagreed. Since the accession of Marine Le Pen to the presidency of the extreme right party, the level of support for the ideas of FN continues to increase : it was 22% during the inauguration of M me Le Pen 2011, jumping to 31% the following year and 32% in 2013.

Marine Le Pen’s image is winning, meanwhile,  increasingly favourable opinions. 58% of respondents consider that she  is “capable of appealing to people beyond her own constituency  “ (+5 points), 56% that she “understands the ordinary concerns of French people” (+ 7 points) and 40% (+ 5 points) believe that she  “has new ideas on how to solve the problems of France “ .

Another key point: 46% of respondents believe that M me Le Pen is “fairly representative of a straight forward patriotic right-wing  attached to traditional values” (+ 2 points) against 43% who think it is “extreme right-wing nationalist and xenophobic party. “

However, Marine Le Pen is still unable to convince the French of the merits of the two fundamental points of her program: the euro and national preference (giving priority to French nationals in welfare, housing and jobs – a policy that marked legislation in 1932, during the French equivalent of the Great Depression: it fixed at 10% the number of foreign nationals in private firms, and 5% in public ones).

64% of respondents were opposed to the exit from the euro and a return to the Franc, against 29% who disagreed.  Finally, in terms of employment , 72% of people are opposed to the “national preference”, against 24% who are in favour of such a measure.

The Le Monde survey is largely concerned with the image and the entry of the Front National into mainstream French politics.

For the European elections this year the FN is often predicted to lead the poll.

Opinion survey (January):

Front National 23%, l’UMP 21% (centre-right) Parti socialiste and Parti Radical de Gauche 18%.

L’Alternative, Jean-Louis Borloo and François Bayrou (centre) , 11%  Front de Gauche , Jean-Luc Mélenchon (9%) ‘Europe Ecologie Les Verts (7%).

Debout la République 2,5% des suffrages,NPA (nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste Olivier Besancenot) 2% .

In the much difficult area to gauge by polls,  the coming Municipal Elections (March), these are some representative figures,

UMP/UDI  (Centre-Right) 29 %, Parti socialiste (21 %) Front national (17 %), 11 % Front de gauche and 8 % pour Europe Écologie-Les Verts.


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  1. I find it interesting that a vast majority are against “national preference”, and also surprising. I would have thought such a policy would be the calling card of a far-right party, especially a successful one.


    February 19, 2014 at 6:25 pm

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