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Front National Youth Leader calls for Russian-style anti-gay law.

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Youth leader of the FN wants a law against gay propaganda in France

Julien Rochedy, director of the National Youth Front (FNJ) said he was in favour of a law “anti-gay propaganda” in France, the Russian model.

(Extrême droite Le leader des jeunes FN souhaite une loi anti-propagande gay en France

Julien Rochedy, le directeur du Front national de la jeunesse(FNJ), s’est déclaré favorable à une loi “anti-propagande gay” en France, sur le modèle russe.)  More  here.

Hat-tip oogenhand. 

Rochedy is anything but a marginal figure in the FN. Born in  1988 his background is middle class and highly educated. His position within the party’s youth group, in charge of political training, is central. In 2012 Rochedy stood as a FN candidate in the Parliamentary elections in the Rhône and got 17,7 % of the vote.  (More here).

Rochedy claims to be “in tune” with French youth, and until now has presented a relatively modern face (Interview 19/08/2011  ).

At 20, Julien Rochedy wrote a philosophical essay, “The Hammer” (Le Marteau), which develops “a Nietzschean perspective” and passes “modern values ​​to a close examination”.

Beneath the surface we find however that his ideology draws on the classics of the French extreme-right, from Charles Maurras to the French Nouvelle Droite.

Rochedey rails against ‘decadence’.

Without denying the Shoah he talked of its « mythification »

On ‘social questions’ he has been hostile to abortion and in favour of the death penalty.

Now we know just how reactionary he is prepared to be.

This is the broader context – May last year (BBC):

Tens of thousands of people have rallied in Paris against a new French law allowing same-sex marriage.

Police estimate that up to 150,000 people joined marches that converged on the city centre, but organisers put the figure close to one million.

Clashes erupted after the rally finished between far-right activists and riot police. The authorities said nearly 100 people were arrested.


Written by Andrew Coates

January 11, 2014 at 4:15 pm

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  1. “Hat-tip oogenhand.”

    Thanks for giving credit.


    January 14, 2014 at 9:23 pm

  2. […] Marine Le Pen een monsterzege tijdens de Europese verkiezingen. Begin dit jaar zei de leider van de FN-jongeren dat hij wel voelde voor een anti-homowet zoals Rusland die sinds vorig jaar […]

  3. […] Le Pen een monsterzege tijdens de Europese verkiezingen. Begin dit jaar zei de leider van de FN-jongeren dat hij wel voelde voor een anti-homowet zoals Rusland die sinds vorig jaar […]

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