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Front de Gauche Demonstrates for a “révolution fiscal”.

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Manifestation du Parti de Gauche, dimanche 1er décemnre, à Paris.

On Sunday Jean-Luc Mélenchon marched  with Bercy Pierre Moscovici. Co-Chair of the Left Party (PG) and  Pierre Laurent, national secretary of the French Communist Party (PCF), heading the procession the Left Front for a “revolution in taxation” and against the planned increase of   VAT on the 1 st  January.

Apart from the Front de Gauche (FdG), Le Nouveau Parti anticapitaliste, Lutte ouvrière and some Greens (EE-LV) took part.

In wintry conditions,  the demonstration (reports indicate) essentially mobilised members of the FdG.  According to  Parti de gauche (PG), 100 000 people were present, this was  70 000 for the (PCF). The Police total was  7 000. Le Monde. 

Pictures of the march in L’Humanité  here.

On factor motivating the marchers was a wish not to let the streets be dominated by the ‘Poujadist ‘ anti-government demonstrations of the Breton ‘bonnets rouges’ and the lorry driver bosses who were out this morning protesting against ‘eco-taxes’.

The character of the bonnets rouges can be seen in the placard held by the demonstrator below,

Thousands of people flocked, Saturday, Nov. 30, at the festival of the Old Plough in Carhaix.

It reads, “France, a paradise for the skivers, fraudsters, and criminals, Hell for the hard-working. We say, Merde to Europe and Merde! to that France.”

The Front de Gauche will hold further unitary actions in the coming January.


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