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Abdelhakim Dekhar Arrested for Gun Attack on Libération: Strange Days.

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French Radio stations (France-Inter and Europe 1) were full of this story this morning.

Daily Telegraph

The lone gunman arrested on Wednesday night for carrying out two shootings and a carjacking in Paris had “recently returned from England”, it was reported on Thursday.

In a coup de theatre, police caught the gunman on Wednesday night in an underground carpark and named him as Abdelhakim Dekhar – convicted in 1998 for giving a gun to a leftist couple that went on a “Bonnie-and-Clyde”-style killing spree four years previously.

Investigators suggest Abdelhakim Dekhar went to live in Britain after serving a prison sentence in relation to a high-profile French murder case of the 1990s.

Police found “confused” notes on Mr Dekhar containing rants about the situation in Libya and Syria that “might be an attempt to explain his acts”, although they said it was far too early to say whether there was any “political motivation” behind the violence.

Mr Dekhar – known to have moved in leftist circles – also slammed the French media and capitalism in general as a “fascist plot”, according to the Paris prosecutor.

The suspect was previously sentenced to four years in jail for buying a gun used in the 1994 attacks by Florence Rey, a 19-year old political science student, and her lover Audry Maupin, who murdered 3 policemen and a taxi driver in a case that gripped France.

Mr Maupin died in the chase, while Miss Rey, a fresh-faced student from a middle-class family, was a figure of fascination, as she showed no emotion during her trial in which she maintained a stony silence.

She had claimed that Mr Dekhar, 46, was the “third man” in their killing spree.

More in Libération.

Details on the Rey-Maupin (‘Natural Born Killers’) case on Wikipedia (French).

English Wikipedia says,

Florence Rey (born August 25, 1975) and her boyfriend Audry Maupin (born October 4, 1972) were involved in a shoot-out in central Paris on October 4, 1994 following a high speed car chase. The incident caused the deaths of five people; three policemen, a taxi driver, and Maupin.”

“Florence Rey was a 19 year old student studying philosophy at the Science-Po and Audry Maupin was a 22 year old drop-out from the faculty of medicine at Nanterre. At the time of the incident they were living together in a squat in an abandoned bourgeoise house in Nanterre. The pair were already under observation by the Renseignements Généraux, the French secret police, prior to the incident due to their involvement with an underground political group. When the police searched their squat after the killings they found revolutionary and anarchist literature, such as The Society Of The Spectacle by Guy Debord. They found the couple’s writings, which echoed surrealism, radicalism and situationism.”

Abdelhakim Dekhar was the “third man” in this affair.

The Nouvel Observateur reports that Dekhar claims that his actions had something to with a “fascist plot”.

RTL says,

Le tireur présumé avait écrit une autre lettre “non datée”, remise par l’homme qui l’hébergeait, dans laquelle il dénonçait “un complot fasciste” et accusait “les médias de participer à la manipulation des masses”. Il s’en prenait également au “capitalisme” et à “la gestion des banlieues”, qui s’apparentait, selon lui, à “une entreprise de déshumanisation sur des populations dont le grand capitalisme ne veut pas”.

The presumed gunman had written a ‘undated’ letter, left in the hands of the man who lodged him, in which he denounced a “fascist plot”, and accused “the media of participation in the manipulation of the masses”. He also attacked “capitalism”, “the management of the suburban housing estates”, which is part, in his eyes, of an “enterprise which dehumanises the population of which big capital has no need.”

Rue 89 adds there is a  second letter,

in which Abdelhakim Dekhar evokes Islam, the situation in Syria and condemns a ” conspiracy that aims to bring back fascism. ”

The letter ends by quoting a passage from “Song of the Partisans ” 

Le Monde reports that will undergo a psychiatric examination.

Written by Andrew Coates

November 21, 2013 at 1:11 pm

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