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French Prostitutes Demonstrate Against New Anti-Sex Law.

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«On est putes, on est fières, le PS c’est la guerre»

We are Whores, We are Proud, with the Socialist Party, it’s War!

Some 300 prostitutes, many of whom wore white or red masks, demonstrated on Saturday in Paris against a bill tabled by the Socialist group in the National Assembly (Parliament) which will penalise penalise customers, said a journalist from AFP.

Holding placards “Customers penalised = murdered prostitutes” and chanting “We are whores, we are  proud, with the PS it  is war ,  prostitutes, ncluding   trans,  marched in Paris.

Reports Libération.

«Vouloir abolir la prostitution, c’est vouloir abolir les putes. La pénalisation des clients est une mesure délétère» qui «mettra leur santé, leur sécurité et leur vie en danger», est-il écrit dans un tract distribuée par le Strass (Syndicat du travail sexuel).”

To want to abolish prostitution it to want to abolish those who are prostitutes.

Penalising the clients is a harmful  measure. It will put prostitutes in danger, from their health to their very  life, said a leaflet by the Sex Workers’ Trade Union.


Written by Andrew Coates

October 27, 2013 at 12:15 pm

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