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Anti-Politics: Partido X, a Spanish ‘Five Star Movement’, Looks to Set to Win Votes in 2014.

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Spanish 5 Star MoVement?

Partido X, Partido del Futuro.

Es la Red Ciudadana que aplica el programa que instaura una verdadera democracia con la que la gente pueda defender sus intereses.

X Party Citizen Network, the Party of the Future.

The X is unknown. It represents whoever changes completely the idea of what a “political party” is, in order to establish a true democracy. No party will do it? Then the X represents the people, the Citizen Network that will cast them out of their seats.

It is the Citizen Network who wins because it applies the program that allows a true democracy to be established, one people can use to defend their interests.

The X Party Citizen Network enters parliament, opens its doors and returns sovereign power to the people through the implementation of its entire program: “Democracy, Full Stop”.

From this moment, every citizen has the possibility to improve and vote on laws that affect them or propose laws through Popular Legislative Initiatives and binding referendums.

The French media have caught on, as have activists across Europe.

Noting that this group comes from the Indignados movement, which mobilised hundreds of thousands of people in Spain, Le Monde has published an important article about them.

The conclusion is well worth noting,

Etant donné l’ampleur de la rupture entre représentants et représentés en Espagne », affirme Jaime Miquel, analyste électoral, « une candidature citoyenne peut espérer obtenir un million deux cent mille voix aux prochaines élections européennes et trois millions cinq cent mille voix aux prochaines élections générales ». De quoi conférer à l’Espagne, actuellement gouvernée par une majorité absolue, l’instabilité politique de la Grèce, de l’Italie ou du Portugal.

Given the  size of the gap between political representatives and those they represent in Spain – notes electoral analyst  Jaime Miquel, ” a citizens’ candidate can hope to get around a million, two hundred thousands votes in next year’s European elections, and three million, five hundred thousand votes in the next General Election. This  give Spain, at present ruled by a majoritarian political system, the political instability of Greece, Italy and Portugal.

The organisers of Partido X also deny that the intend to follow the path of Italy’s Five Star Movement (MoVimento 5 Stelle).

They reject the rule of one individual, like the 5 Star’s Beppe Grillo.

But politically – as they seem open to “any” idea to bring government back in the hands of the people, not to say general windbaggery – it is hard not see resemblances.


Written by Andrew Coates

October 12, 2013 at 10:23 am

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