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Smear on Ralph Miliband: le Monde’s Account.

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Le Monde Now Comments on Mail’s Hate Campaign.

The  man who hated Great Britain”. With this provocative headline, the Daily Mail , a British right-wing tabloid. triggered a huge controversy that has kept growing.  It  stands as an illustration of the showdown between the British press and the country’s  political class……

The article targeted Ralph Miliband, the father of Ed the current Labour leader. He was a Belgian Jewish refugee who arrived in Britain in 1940. Ralph MIliband was a famous  Marxist academic. He was portrayed with unusual violence,  described as a dangerous communist who hated the elite and British institutions. The Mail forget to mention that that as soon as he reached the age of 16 Ralph Miliband served in the British armed forces in order to fight the Nazis.

This was a political attack, implicitly aimed at his son, Ed Miliband. Faced with filial outrage the Daily Mail has not backed down. When they published Ed’s response,  the tabloid published an editorial just next to it,  entitled “Why we do not apologise”.

Adapted from today’s Le Monde.

The paper goes on to say how this affair “illustrates the power of the Daily Mail”.

It describes the paper’s content as a “world where crimes rage unchecked, immigration is out of control, and Islam is invading the national scene. It is clearly on the Right. It either glorifies or vilifies political figures…”

For Le Monde this is strong stuff.


Written by Andrew Coates

October 5, 2013 at 3:54 pm

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