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Albert Jacquard, leading French Left Intellectual and Activist, Passes.

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A Great Humanist and Progressive.

Albert Jacquard passed away yesterday

Albert Jacquard (born in Lyon on 23 December 1925) was a French geneticist and essayist. He is well known for defending ideas related to the concept of degrowth. He died on 11 September 2013.

“A specialist in genetics he was noted for his defence  of the concept of sustainable degrowth. He supported a range of progressive movements including the campaigns for free software and the international language Esperanto . He was also president of the association Right to Housing (Droit au Logement).”

Died Wednesday evening

The geneticist and leftist Albert Jacquard died Wednesday evening at his home in Paris (6th arrondissement) at the age of 87 years, announced Thursday his son told AFP.

Born on the December 23, 1925 his passing was caused by a form of leukemia.


Libération gives Jacquard’s political background in more detail (adpated),

His first books, such as Eloge de la différence : la génétique et l’homme  (1978) enjoyed an enduring  great popular  though he moved towards writing about philosophy, popular science and political anti-liberalism (in the French sense, against free-market ideology) and humanism.

Professor Jacquard loathed neo-liberalism. He was a  parliamentary candidate in Paris 1986  heading the ‘ Liste Alternative’. This was backed by various movements of the alternative left (the Parti socialiste unifié, the  Fédération pour une gauche alternative, Ligue communiste révolutionnaire, the  Parti pour une alternative communiste) (1). In 1999 he figured on the environmentalist list list led by Daniel Cohn-Bendit (in 84th position).

In the 1990s, Albert Jacquard put his energy into another cause: the poorly  housed and ‘undocumented’ – sans papiers – immigrants. he participated in the rue du Dragon Occupation in 1994  and that of the ’Eglise Saint-Bernard. His face became  publicly familiar as that of the Abbé Pierre, Gaillot or Emmanuelle Béart, his comrades.

Amongst many tributes Jean-Luc Mélenchon  has said

Albert aidait à être humain. Il ne faut pas que sa lumière s’éteigne.

Albert Jacquard helped us to be human. The light he shed should not cease.

(1) I was on the Parisian ‘co-ordination’ for this campaign, as one of the representatives of the Fédération pour une gauche alternative

Written by Andrew Coates

September 12, 2013 at 1:00 pm

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