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Clément Méric, Anti-Fascist, Killed by Far-Right in Paris.

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Clément Méric, Anti-Fascist.

An 18 years  old left wing anti-fascist activist, Clément Méric, a student at Sciences Po,  was declared brain-dead this morning. He was attacked in the  heart of Paris by skinheads.

” Clément Méric, a student at the Institut d’études politiques de Paris (Science Po) known for his anti-fascist commitment, was killed yesterday in Paris, near the Saint-Lazare train station, by a group of right-wing extremists,” the national secretary of the  Parti de Gauche, Alexis Corbiere has written on his blog.

Three young people of a “skinhead appearance”, including a woman, were involved in  jostling, exchanges of insults,  two groups of young people, according to preliminary results of the investigation by the 1st District  – Judicial – Police (DPJ) based on  “eyewitness accounts.”

According to the first elements of the investigation, the skinheads came out and waited “with reinforcements” out in front of the store. The groups of young people then had a very violent altercation.” The victim,  Clément, “was struck by one of the skinheads armed with a  knuckle-duster. He dropped on the floor,  hitting a bonding pad in passing.” (Nouvel Observateur)

The Parti de gauche has declared that,

“l’horreur fasciste vient de tuer en plein Paris”.

The horrors of fascism have just come and killed in the middle of Paris.

They have put responsibility on the Groupe JNR (Jeunesses nationalistes révolutionnaires).

Witnesses say that one of the gang had a Swastika  tattoo and another had a Front National T-Shirt.

Links between the murderers and the FN have been vigorously denied by Marine Le Pen this morning on the radio station, RTL.

The FN leader then launched into what the Nouvel Observateur calls a “hallucinatory” defence of the far-right intellectual Dominique Venner who recently committed suicide outside  Notre-Dame de Paris  in protest at gay marriage.

The JNR have also denied any responsibility (see Libération for latest).

There have been calls to ban the far-right’s street-fighting groups.

Communiqué Solidaires (Hat-Tip Enty) Un militant syndicaliste et antifasciste tué à Paris par l’extrême-droite !


Our anger and pain are compounded by the certainty that there remain many –  anti-fascist activists,  people exposed to homophobia and / or racism –  who could and can still be victims.

Today all our thoughts are with his family and his family and his comrade students in Solidaires Etudiant-e-s.

We express our solidarity to all of them.

This heinous act is inseparable from the surge in racist and homophobic attacks over the last months by right-wing extremists. This is the result of a climate of hatred spread, principally, though not exclusively, by the Front National and fascist factions.

Entdinglichung comments on this crime,

Kein Vergeben, Kein Vergessen!

Not Forgiven, Not Forgotten!

Important Update: Suspected killers just arrested: le Parisien, “Mort de Clément Méric : les auteurs présumés ont été interpellés à Saint-Ouen.”
Details on le Point site.

Written by Andrew Coates

June 6, 2013 at 10:56 am

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  1. Video on the Jeunesses nationalistes révolutionnaires.

    Andrew Coates

    June 6, 2013 at 12:03 pm

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