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Feminist Secularist Caroline Fourest Attacked by Opponents of Gay Marriage Law.

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Caroline Fourest aux Journées de Nantes, le 13 avril 2013. (Cyril Bonnet/Le Nouvel Observateur)

Caroline Fourest: Attacked by Far-Right and ‘Anti-Imperialists’.

There were many virulent anti-gay marriage demonstrations in France over the weekend.

On Saturday at  Nantes, Caroline Fourest, was at a meeting to debate Islam and secularism. (Caroline Fourest était venue débattre d’islam et de laïcité).

The journalist, who is herself gay, was violently taken aside by those against the law enabling “marriage for all”. (Report here)

As she arrived at Nantes by train over 100 screaming demonstrations from the extreme-right were waiting for Caroline.

That was only the beginning.

They followed her to the meeting venue.

They disputed the meeting, shouting, and throwing stink bombs and tear gas.

Returning to Paris at Montparnasse the anti-gay marriage far right were waiting for her at the station.

It appears that these thugs were part of the ‘Printemps  français’ alliance of Christian extremists and the neo-fascist right and racists.

Caroline was attacked in September last year at the annual Fête d’Huma by the Indigènes de la République  and the Indivisibles. They prevented her from talking about her latest book against the Front National

They claim she is ‘Islamophobic’ and had no right to speak.

Caroline then, has been shouted down by Islamists, so-called ‘anti-imperialists’ and now, the extreme right has taken  upon itself the task of stalking her.

Is it a coincidence that she is a gay women feminist?

Perhaps the Printemps français and the Indigènes de la République could get together and organise a united attack against Caroline Fourest.


Her report: Les homophobes sont allés trop loin à Nantes



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  1. Wow! Just wow!


    April 16, 2013 at 10:48 pm

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