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Back the People’s Assembly!

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Sisters, Brothers, there’s a Place for You in the People’s Assembly!

The People’s Assembly was launched this week.

In a powerful article in the Independent Owen Jones argued,

How the People’s Assembly can challenge our suffocating political consensus – and why it’s vital that we do

The cartel of modern politics is only ever disrupted from the right. Now, with the help of like-minded others, I will be touring the country to set up a left-wing movement.

Comrade Jones included the following points,

Inevitably, such an initiative will have to plough through a fair amount of cynicism from both left and right. Put “left” into a sentence including “piss-up” and “brewery”, and few would disagree.

But this isn’t going to fall into the trap of being a recruitment exercise for some obscure sect with newspapers to flog.

It’s being driven by a formidable coalition of unions such as Unite, Unison and PCS, representing millions of workers in both the private and public sector; Labour activists and the Green Party; campaigners for disabled people, tax justice, women, BME people; and people frankly who are just stranded and without a political home.

It’s not the 867th attempt to set up yet another doomed left-wing party, but a movement that will nonetheless fill a chasm in British politics.

The evidence is there:

Around the country, including Suffolk and Ipswich, local meetings will be held in the near future to build support for this initiative.

There will be not just the Assembly but marches and protests.

As somebody involved in the local Trades Council and who has been to recent meetings at the London TUC where this has been raised (the latest a couple of weeks ago) I can truly say that it has support from all shades of the real labour movement  and the left.

But this is more, it is a People’s Assembly, for us lot to get our voices heard against the Liberal-Tory Coalition that is ruling through fear and hate.

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