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The Alliance for Green Socialism.

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There are some interesting political movements on the British left that deserve a wider audience.

Left movements and parties in the UK  that inspire hope are, at the moment, of great importance.

But this is one.

At Ipswich Trades Council yesterday this event was raised.

A conference to look at how we can all help build a powerful movement of the broad green left, including trade unions and all progressive organisations. We must create an alternative movement to oppose the present dire policies of the ConDems and New Labour that put the 1% before the 99%.

Bird in Hand public house, New Writtle Street, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 0RZ

The Alliance for Green Socialism is helping organising this conference.

This is “a political organisation devoted to the building of a peaceful, environmentally safe and socially responsible world. A world in which diversity is both respected and celebrated. A world in which relations are based on mutual understanding and not force, where rights and a decent life are available for all, not just the rich. The AGS believes this can come about by the development of a democratic, socialist and environmentally conscious society. Our two basic principles are summed up in our name.

Green is for a world where the serious issues of pollution and global warming are properly dealt with. This means tackling the oil-driven system of big business, which drives us into successive wars and conflicts.

Socialism is the opposite of such a system in which the needs of the people take priority and the power of big business is curbed. A key element in this being an expansion of various forms of public ownership, from taking the railways back into the state sector to an expansion of cooperatives.

Linking these two indivisible themes is a commitment to openness and democracy.”

Wikipedia adds this,

During the 2009 European elections the party campaigned as part of the No2EU alliance which combined many minor parties on the left-side of politics to campaign against the perceived ‘pro-business’ and xenophobic attitude of the European Union. The alliance secured 153,236 votes, but no seats. However the AGS left this because the name suggested that they are firmly against the EU, which they are not.

Having had some – brief – contact with the AGS it is pleasant to hear that they have close contacts with the French Alternatifs and other green left groups, such as FASE (Fédération pour une Alternative Sociale et Écologique).

They are a small network but have some big, and sound, ideas.

We wish the Alliance for Green Socialism  well.


Written by Andrew Coates

February 27, 2013 at 12:51 pm

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