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Tunisian Human Rights and Trade Union Activists Mobilise Today: Pacte de Tunisie des droits et libertés.

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PARIS : Great event “Signing for a Tunisia of freedoms.”

Launch of the International Campaign in support of the Tunisian Pact of Rights and Freedoms Tunisia, Freedom, Human, Rights, Pact, FIDH, IADH, 2013, Civil, Society

Théâtre Dujazet, Paris, France 41 Boulevard du Temple, 75003 Paris

Monday, February 25,20:00 to 23:00

IADH, FIDH and Opinion Internationale launch this international campaign in support of the Tunisian Pact initiated by IADH with the support of the Tunisian Workers General Union (UGTT), the Tunisian League for Human Rights (LTDH), Tunisian Journalists Workers Union (SNJT), National Order of Tunisian Lawyers (ONAT), Tunisian Association of Democratic Women (ATFD), Tunisian section of Amnesty.

The Pacte of Tunisia is available in French at http://www.fidh.org/Signez-pour-la-Tunisie-des-12904

It begins, “Affirmer que la protection des droits et des libertés, qui y sont proclamés, est un espace partagé où s’épanouit la citoyenneté et s’affirme l’appartenance à la communauté des peuples épris de libertés. Affirmer que la promotion des droits et des libertés est un choix patriotique, pour nous comme pour les générations futures. C’est également une méthode pour la construction de la société démocratique nouvelle. More on site.

This affirmation of human rights by the Tunisian labour movement and human rights activists is of great importance.

It comes after the assassination of comrade Chokri Belaid – a crime many suspect can be laid at the door of the Islamist “Leagues for the protection of the Revolution.”

This killing has international repercussions.

In Egypt, this was reported over the weekend,

“As Tunisia reels from the implications of the assassination of Tunisian opposition leader Chokri Belaid, once again, events in the small North African country are reverberating further east in Egypt. A video of the ultraconservative cleric Mahmoud Shaaban posted on YouTube days before the assassination has since gone viral, leading to nationwide condemnation from all sides of the political spectrum. In the video, Shaaban condoned the killing of opposition figures, specifically singling out Mohamed ElBaradei and Hamdeen Sabbahi, two longtime activist figures and former presidential candidates. Egypt Independent.

The Tunisian Islamist Ennahda-led  government has appointed the hard-line Justice Minister, Ali Laarayedh, as the new Prime Minister.

The Pacte for freedom  is important initiative.

The battle over the new Tunisian constitution, between those who support universal human rights, and those who think they were elected by god to impose Islamic law, promises to be fierce.


Written by Andrew Coates

February 25, 2013 at 11:51 am

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