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Algerian Workers’ Party (Trotskyist) on Hostage Killings and Mali.

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Louisa Hanoune, secrétaire générale du PT. Sid-Ali/New Press

Louisa Hanoune: Algeria Must not Back France.

Left Futures has published an important and valuable article by comrade Andy Newman  on the Mali crisis. The post includes a declaration made by Louisa Hanoune. She is the leader of the Trotskyist* Parti des travailleurs, PT,  Arabic Hizb al-Ummal حزب العمال , Kabyle: Akabar Ixeddamen  (Workers Party)  in Algeria, which has 17  deputies (of which 10 are women)  in the National Assembly.

For reasons which will become obvious we give a more extended version of her  intervention.

Hanoune began by saluting the decision of Algerian authorities to deal with the  Amenas crisis on their own and laid the blame for the tragic result entirely on the shoulders of French President François Hollande (Saluant la décision des autorités algériennes d’y faire face sans aucune aide étrangère, elle fait porter le chapeau de ce «crime» à François Hollande).

She  said that the terrorist group of El Bara has reacted not specifically against the present French Mali intervention but at the wider regional French assault in the region ( il a réagi à l’attaque militaire française dans la région tout simplement). She underlined that this attack was entirely predictable but that Algeria by refusing any US or French aid in dealing with it had acted completely correctly.

Algeria, said Mme Hanoune,  is best placed  to deal with terrorism and had no reason to be lectured by another country on this  respect whatsoever (L’Algérie, estime Mme Hanoune, est la mieux placée dans la lutte contre le terrorisme et n’a pas de leçon à recevoir dans ce domaine d’aucun pays).

She added that “l’Algérie est souveraine ” and does not need to ask for permission from the US or France on how to liberate the hostages.

Louiza Hanoune (Translated by Left Futures) then stated,

Louisa Hanoune is convinced that the actions of François Hollande are the second stage of the operation initiated by NATO, including Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, which relies on ethnic conflict to plunder the riches of those regions. French imperialism is trying to awaken the demons,” she said, adding that “military intervention is a source of chaos, dislocation and looting. France to deal with its economic crisis justified its attack on the fight against terrorism in northern Mali. (This was) “a premeditated shot”… all the main actors, including terrorist groups, ECOWAS and the Malian authorities are in “the pay of France.”

She then said,

France qui traverse une crise économique œuvre pour y faire face, en justifiant son attaque par la lutte contre le terrorisme au nord du Mali. Selon elle, «le coup a été prémédité» et tous les acteurs principaux, entre autres, les groupes terroristes, les Etats de la Cédéao et les autorités maliennes sont à «la solde de la France».

France is undergoing an economic crisis, and is using this attack against terrorism in Mali as a means of dealing with it. According to her the blow was “Premeditated”, and all the principal actors – amongst whom were the terrorist groups,  the West African states economic community  (Cédéao) and the Malian authorities were in the “pay of France”.

The Secretary of the PT  called for Algerians to be wary of being caught up in this «sale guerre» (dirty war) . There would be pressure for Algeria to be involved in this war, whose only winner would be American imperialism. Louisa Hanoune ended by affirming that the Algerian state should clearly take its distance from this war (se démarquer clairement de cette guerre).


* That is ‘Lambertist’. Many Trotskyists have profound differences with this current. We should further note that the PT underwent a crisis in the last year with many party members resigning and accusing the leadership  of ‘Stalinist management’  – la gestion stalinienne – Here.)


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  1. A bit mad, eh?

    Jim Denham

    January 21, 2013 at 9:21 pm

  2. In line with their French allies, very republican patriot.

    Andrew Coates

    January 22, 2013 at 1:41 pm

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