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Paris, Christian Integrists Protest at ‘Christianophobia’.

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After ‘Islamophobia’, now we have ‘Christianophobia’, complete with its own Wikipedia entry – here.

As with the former, the latter is being used for all kinds of dodgy ends.


PARIS (AP) — The city of Paris is filing legal complaints against a group of fundamentalist Christians who have been protesting a play currently showing at the municipal theater, claiming it is blasphemous, the mayor said Friday.

Riot police have been called in to chase off demonstrators bearing crosses loudly protesting in front of, and sometimes inside, the Theatre de la Ville since the Oct. 20 opening of the play.

“Sur le Concept du Visage du fils de Dieu” (“On the Concept of the Son of God’s Face”), by Italian Romeo Castellucci is a provocative story centering on a young man caring for his aged and incontinent father. A portrait of the face of Christ looms large onstage throughout and projectiles are ultimately thrown at it.

Each night, police have had to defend the theater from a group of ultra-Christian protesters — organized by the group Renouveau France — who turn up with crucifixes and banners denouncing “Christianophobia,” determined to disrupt the show .

Mayor Bertrand Delanoe said in a statement that Paris can’t tolerate “such expressions of fundamentalism and intolerance.”

His statement said the city is filing complaints when demonstrators try to interrupt performances.

The play has been shown elsewhere without incident, including in Poland, Italy and Spain — traditionally Catholic countries.

Commentators backing the play contend it is not intended to offend Christ.

The director of the theater, in the center of Paris, Emmanuel Demarcy-Moto, denounced the “odious threats” and vowed that the show must go on.

Read more: Here.

The report in le Monde yesterday suggested that the core of  this group is the far-right (Renouveau Français and the heirs of Action Française) with a welcome in the chruch of St-Nicholas-du-Chardonnet in Paris. Cohering around the theme of Christianity under threat, it is an attempts to outbid the more ‘moderate’ elements of the Front National. Having failed in their bid to for Bruno Gollnish to win control of the party now headed by Marine Le Pen, they have taken to direct action to pursue their goal.  That is, to pull them rightwards.

It certainly looks similar to the friendly dialectic being played out in Tunisia between the Salafists and Ennahdad.

Written by Andrew Coates

October 29, 2011 at 10:52 am

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  2. Christophobic Darwinism seems more interesting hmmm, What Dawinism has to do with the age of the Earth is totally beyond me.


    October 29, 2011 at 1:08 pm

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