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Sheridan: A Statement.

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Who’s a Sexist Lying Toss-Pot now?

Tendance Statement on Tommy Sheridan,

Tommy Sheridan has been found guilty. Not of being a ‘swinger’ but of being a lying toss-pot.

The comrades from  the Scottish Socialist Party have been at pains to explain to fellow leftists the character of the man for some years now.  Today they are free to vent their views in the press,

She told how she finally realised his true character after making a speech on International Women’s Day to condemn the sex trade. Sheridan sat boldly by her side despite, only a few weeks before, confessing to the SSP executive that he was a lying sex cheat who had visited sleazy swingers’ clubs.

Rosie said: “It turned my stomach that he sat by my side, clapping and shouting, ‘Well done comrade’.

“He knew I was making a point, speaking out against exploitation of women and his intention was to intimidate me. It was then that I realised how bad a man he was.

“The day of that speech was the closest I came to making a public announcement about what he had done. I’ll always regret not doing it.”

And she also regrets that the party did nothing to help and protect Sheridan’s wife Gail.

More Here.

Anyone who goes to a club called ‘Cupid’ merits what he got.

Marg Bar Sheridan!

Written by Andrew Coates

December 26, 2010 at 11:30 am

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