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France: More Mass Protests Thursday.

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RÉFORME DES RETRAITES - Les syndicats condamnés au succès dans la rue

La manifestation du 7 septembre a réuni 1,12 million de manifestants selon le ministère, contre 2,7 millions selon la CGT. ©SIPA

France’s National Assembly voted last week to raise the retirement age. That is from a minimum of 60 to 62, and (for full pensions for most jobs) from 65 to 67.

The law now has to be passed by the Senate. Thursday will see unions organise further mass protests. They hope to reach numbers near to the two and half million out on the streets on the 7th of September. 

Annick Coupé, spokesperson for the radical union federation, l’Union syndicale Solidaires,  has called for a

“un affrontement central avec ce gouvernement..”  Here

A direct confrontation with the government.

SUD clearly wishes to repeat the strike wave of 1995. Then mass protests centred against liberalising first work contracts made Jacques Chirac withdraw the plans. They led to the downfall fo Prime Minster Alain Juppé, (Here.)

From the other end of the union spectrum, the ‘reformist’ CFDT, support for the protests is strong.

François Chérèque, assure être “dans un mouvement durable” de contestation de la réforme des retraites , qui est “en train de gagner le soutien populaire”.

François Chérèque (General Secretary of the CFDT) is certain that this is a “long-term movement” to challenge the retirement reform. It is “winning popular support”. (More Here)

This is clearly true. The (formely) Communist and now simply left union federation, the CGT reports that,

A majority of French people would like a ‘great debate’ on retirement. (63%)  That is, as opposed to the way the changes have been steamrolled through. A majority are opposed to the plans.  (70%) . (More Here)

Written by Andrew Coates

September 22, 2010 at 12:05 pm

2 Responses

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  1. So far our great regional leader, Comrade ‘Haki protesters are sub-human’ Freche has popped up five statues- Lenin, Jaurès, De Gaulle, Roosevelt and Churchill, he has plans for 5 more including Mao and rumoured – Stalin. Mind you at one stage he was mumbling about Trotsky…

    .. either way he is rather magnificently mad as a hatter. Endless cause for amusement down the bar, yu can say many many things about Freche, and I often do, but he does give his money’s worth in entertainment value, and he did rebuild Montpellier so that it is now the fastest growing agglo in France.

    Pete Shield

    September 22, 2010 at 4:57 pm

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