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Hamas Kills Opponents; Clare Short Turns a Blind-Eye.

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Do we seriously want this in Power?

Clare Short and Liberal Democrat Lord Adlerdice held a House of Commons Meeting last night.With a video-link to Hamas leader Mashaal . Supporters of recognising Hamas have welcomed this event. It happened that the connection wasn’t working (here) but the pro-Hamas intention was there, Short’s that is.

It appears largely up to to those who stand with the Israeli hostility to Hamas to criticise this. Yet there are plenty of reasons to do so. Without ceeding an inch to Israeli policies. That nationalist, militarist and human-rights breaking state, with plenty of blood on its hands, deserves serious democratic resistance. But is Hamas it?

Hamas’s platform for government (minimum programme) is anti-Israeli occupation and for the building of a Palestinian state. It supports resistance, and a range of measures, including backing for political pluralism. Behind this is an Islamist ‘maximum’ programme, the reign of the Qu’ran on Earth. The enforcement of Islamic standards of ‘modesty’  for example – dress code. These are ‘transitional’ measures. They bring the day-to-day party regime to its final goal of a pure society. Called the Sharia – the denial of human equality made into a parody of law. What has this, even remotely, got to do with the left? It’s the opposite of the socialism in any form. It is based on private property, inequality (for women and non-Muslims). Life is ruled by Divine decree. As interpreted by god’s representatives.

Parties are to be judged on how they carry out their aims. We have evidence of how Hamas operates in practice. Human Rights Watch (here) gives plenty of reasons to be more than wary of the Palestinian Islamists  – such as killing suspected ‘informers’ (aka, political opponents) notably during the Israeli armed forces attack on Gaza.


On the left it is customary to reel out the stale old arguments. That it is not up to us to tell ‘resistance’ movements what to do. Or that we don’t ‘really know’ about the conflict. We should let those ‘there’ decide. They are not brief on telling us how we should  support Hamas. Make as much noise as possible (following Clare Short). Boycott, people, and goods manufactured in Israel or by ‘Zionists’ generally. Do some flag waving and cheer-leading.

It is one thing to ask for, say, opposition to Israeli attacks on civilians. To oppose its policies, from the West Bank to Gaza. To give a general welcome to a Palestinian state. It’s another to work closely with Hamas – as George Galloway does, and Clare Short gestures towards. If anyone wants us to endorse this degree of  co-operation they had better come up with some pretty solid evidence that the group they link with is sound. Start with the  democratic, progressive, nature of the organisation. It’s no longer good enough to point to past practice, when Europe’s left enthused about all Third World movements without looking too closely at them. That we stood by African national liberation, or, the Indo-Chinese Communists, without telling them what to do. Or indeed really knowing too much about them. Well Galloway has ditched the PLO, too venal, and now he tells us that Hamas it tickity-bo. He would, wouldn’t he? Who else would take the words from his ilk, or from the other pro-Hamas groupies, from Islamist Tariq Ramadam, to grizzly Patrician Tariq Ali? Or Gilad Atzmon… (all on the same lletter calling for recognising Hamas).

It all ended so happily didn’t it? Naturally all these countries are now basking in such prosperous social democratic plenty (er….)  because of the lack of unwanted European leftists’ advice. Hamas will surely…yes, we have plenty of reason to think that if it gains more power its rule will be followed by more tomb stones in the self-proclaimed anti-imperialist cemetery. While outside the Peter Pans of the left will move onto the next Cause.


Written by Andrew Coates

April 23, 2009 at 11:33 am

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