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Charlie Hebdo Publishes Graphic Novel on Mohammed.

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Charlie Hebdo has just published a graphic novel of the life of Mohammed. 

More on the background, in-depth (from Yabiladi)

“It is a biography authorised by Islam since it was edited by Muslims,” said Stephane Charbonnier (‘Charb’), who was also the illustrator of the book whose front page shows the prophet leading a camel through the desert. AFP reports.

The author, Zineb El Rhazoui, is Franco-Moroccan.

She has previously defended Charlie’s cartoons of Mohammed, saying, “Charlie a caricaturé le pape, pourquoi pas Mahomet?» Charlie has caricatured the Pope, why not Mohammed? Here.

AFP do not publish this front page picture but we do,

We all know what happened last time Charlie published satirical cartoons of the founder of Islam…..

Written by Andrew Coates

January 2, 2013 at 3:33 pm

Tariq Ramadan Defends Charlie’s Freedom while ‘Anti-Zionist’ Party Talks of Satanic Plot.

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Tariq Ramadan has issued an immensely dignified defence of Charlie Hebdo’s right to freedom of expression.

Le Soir reports that while Ramandan expressed deep concern about the caricatures he said:

“L’intellectuel musulman Tariq Ramadan a défendu jeudi matin la « liberté d’expression » de l’hebdomadaire satirique.

The Muslim intellectual, Tariq Ramadan, defended, Thursday morning,  freedom of expression for the satirical weekly.

Ramadan criticised ‘counterproductive’ demonstrations against Charlie,

” La seule attitude noble (…) c’est ignorer ces attaques,”

The only dignified attitude…is to ignore these attacks.

This is immensely welcome: Good on you Tariq!

By contrast, the Parti Anti-Sioniste of Holocaust denier Dieudonné, and other ‘anti-imperialists’ of the far-right, asks,

A qui profite la diabolisation de l’Islam ?

Who gains from demonising Islam?

They note that people are free to caricature religion, while demonstrations against Charlie are banned.

They ask where are the politicians in all this?

“N’est-il pas de leur devoir d‘agir face à tout ce qui divise et à ce qui nuit à l’entente nationale ? A moins qu’ils oeuvrent à d’autres intérêts et d’autres desseins étrangers à ceux de la France… sans doute le sionisme international qui se nourrit des conflits et des divisions poursuit-il son plan diabolique.

Shouldn’t they take measures against anything that divides and tarnishes national cohesion? Or perhaps they are working for other interests, with motives that have nothing to do with France…without doubt international Zionism, which feeds off conflicts and divisions to further its diabolical aims.

Le Parti Anti Sioniste appelle tous les citoyens à être solidaires des citoyens offensés et condamne tout propos et tout acte portant atteinte à la dignité de l’Homme.

The anti-Zionist party calls on all citizens to be in solidarity with those citizens who’ve been offended and to condemn anything that wounds the dignity of Man.

Written by Andrew Coates

September 22, 2012 at 9:19 am

Charlie Hebdo: We Shall Continue until Islam Becomes as Ordinary as Catholicism.

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In the light of the terrible deaths today (BBC), which could be foreseen, what is the justification behind Charlie Hebdo’s publication of the caricatures of Mohammed? Are they making a wider point than that – highly dubious – one made by the producers of the Innocence of Muslims?

Le Monde  today asked Charlie Hebdo’s editorial team:

Faut-il continuer à se moquer de la religion musulmane?

Should one continue to poke fun at the Muslim religion?

Pour l’hebdomadaire satirique, la réponse est oui, sans hésitation. “Il faut continuer jusqu’à ce que l’islam soit aussi banalisé que le catholicisme”, assène Charb avec l’assurance d’un prédicateur. “Nous avons brisé les deux tabous que sont Eros et Thanatos, mais il reste celui des religions, affirme le dessinateur Luz. “Si on dit aux religions: “Vous êtes intouchables”, on est foutus”, renchérit Gérard Biard, rédacteur en chef.

For the satirical weekly, the answer is, without hesitation, yes “We must continue until Islam is made as trivial and commonplace as Catholicism” said Charb, stridently, with all the self-confidence of a preacher. The illustrator Luz asserted that, “We’ve broken two taboos, Eros and Thantos, the taboo of religion remains.”  Gérard Biard, Copy Chief, went further, “If we say about religions, ‘Nobody can touch you’, we’re completely fucked.”

S’il est un sujet qui cimente la rédaction, c’est bien celui de l’anticléricalisme. “L’attaque contre toutes les religions, c’est ce qui constitue notre identité, constate Gérard Biard. La rédaction comprend des anarchistes, des écolos, des communistes, des trotskystes, des socialos. Mais on est tous d’accord sur le fait religieux. Et je pense que nous sommes tous athées.”

If there is one subject that binds together the editorial team, it’s anti-clericalism. “Our identity is built around attacking religion, all religions” notes Gérard Biard, “The team is made up of anarchists, ecologists, communists, Trotskyists and Socialists. But we’re still all in agreement about religion as it exists. And I think we’re all atheists.”

Le Monde Friday.

Written by Andrew Coates

September 21, 2012 at 7:21 pm

Charlie Hebdo Publishes New Mohammed Cartoons.

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Charlie Hebdo has just published new Mohammed cartoons.

Middle East onLine reports,

French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said Wednesday anyone offended by cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed published in the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo could take the matter to the courts.

But he emphasised France’s tradition of free speech. “We are in a country where freedom of expression is guaranteed, including the freedom to caricature,” he said on RTL radio.

You can see some of the cartoons (including the most controversial one) on this video-clip here.

The Editor of Charlie Hebdo, Charb, (Stéphane Charbonnier) is  a supporter of the Front de Gauche and the French Communist Party (PCF).

Charlie itself is one of the last living representatives of ’68’ gauchisme.

There are many, including not a few on the French left, who will accuse it of ‘provocation’.

This is like complaining that chilis are hot.

A minority on the French left, like the Les Indigènes de la République,* self-appointed enforcers against Islamophobia, will be up in arms about the cartoons.

They excelled themselves this weekend by physically threatening gay secularist Caroline Fourest at the La fête de l’Huma and preventing her from speaking (you can see a video of their violence here).

Emboldened by their menaces against a lesbian feminist, and, according to those who were at the fête, a North African woman steward, they will no doubt rage against Charlie.

As will many, many, others.

This is Charb’s response,


More extensive interview with Charb in Libèration (in French), «Pas plus de provocation avec l’islam qu’avec d’autres sujets».

The leader of the French Communist Party (PCF)Pierre Laurent,  is cited in the same paper,

Charlie Hebdo fait partie d’une certaine tradition. A ce que je sache, le délit de blasphème n’existe pas dans notre pays. Après, il y a des gens qui aiment et des gens qui n’aiment pas Charlie Hebdo.

Il n’y a en France qu’une dizaine de salafistes. Il ne faut pas exagérer la situation et ne pas faire de la publication de ces caricatures un drame qui n’en est pas un”

Charlie Hebdo comes from a specific tradition. As far as I know blasphemy is not a crime in our country. There are, following that, those who like and those who dislike Charlie Hebdo.

In France there are only a dozen Salafists. We should not exaggerate the situation, and not create a drama out of these caricatures when none exists.


Jean-Luc Mélenchon (Parti de gauche) has just said on his Facebook page,

La caricature est un droit dans ce pays, et la protestation tout autant : le tout dans le respect de la loi.
It is legal to draw caricatures in this country, as are protests. Each should be done within the law.
He thus refuses to support any of the two ‘camps’ (Here).

* Their particular interpretation of anti-Zionism has led what is now the Parti des Indigènes de la République  to  support Hamas and Hezbollah  Wikipedia says.

Charlie Hebdo, Islamism, British Liberals and the Left.

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A Leftist satirical weekly is burnt to the ground.

It offended a right-wing religious movement.

The religious movement, or varieties of it, holds power in large and wealthy countries and is present, in strength, in other lands, supported by the pious bourgeoisie, appealing to wider constituencies through charity work and appeals to identity based on its creed.

A new government, installed with Western military help, identifies with this faith-movement.

It has just taken measures to restrict women’s rights as part of a wider plan to set up a repressive legal system.

Another government, freely elected, is just forming, with the power to write a country’s constitution in line with this religion’s beliefs. It has a background in a hard-line version of this political religion.

Some of these movements are ultra-conservative. Some are of these are viciously reactionary and reject all forms of democracy. Others have a moderate side and accept winning power by the ballot box.

They all share certain core ideas, and consider that they are simply right. They all want criticisms of their faith, and its prophet,  placed within limits, – though they differ on these boundaries. Some would kill anyone who goes beyond what they consider acceptable.

All of these movements are pro-markets, some of them are pillars of the global capitalist system. Two new ‘post-revolutionary’ leaderships are ready to implement neo-liberal economic programmes.

The satirical magazine’s present Editor is a Communist sympathiser. The journal’s writers include anarchists, socialists, greens, liberals and the plain bloody-minded.

How do British liberals and the left react?

Largely by trying to ignore the event.

The few that comment moan that the paper is extremely rude and in bad taste

That it attacks the ‘moderate’ governments of this religious movement.

That because this movement has poor and oppressed supporters in Europe this means that nobody can satirise this right-wing ideology.

Boo hoo.

We love you Charlie!

 Charlie, y’a des anglais qui t’aiment quand même! (Charlie Blog Here)

Meanwhile L’Humanité has published a dignified and beautiful Islamic  representation of the Prophet from the time when this was permitted.

Le Prophète, monté sur sa jument à tête de femme et guidé par l’ange Gabriel. BNF.

Written by Andrew Coates

November 4, 2011 at 11:12 am